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With over 20 years of experience as a club & squad coach, I develop individually tailored training sessions to make the training so varied and targeted.

Do you want to learn tennis or are you already a strong player? You are welcome to contact me and we'll see you on the court soon.

My Tennistraining

Individual training

Optimal for improving the technique and individual weaknesses of the player.

Group training

Learning tennis technique, application, and physique in peer and equally strong playing groups.

Talent development

Individual support. In addition to training also preparation of training plans & support at tournaments.

Squad training

Training for eligible children in the tennis circuit, both individual and group lessons.

School training

Tennis in large school groups - small court tennis with pressure-reduced balls. Teaching of tennis-specific movements. Coordination training.

Team training

Especially strong in a team. Teaching of game strategies, individual and doubles training, team building.

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Tennistraining Kares - Tennis professionel lernen
I am your partner for successful tennis training in Korbach. Start now and bring your game to the next level. I am looking forward to your contact!


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